Just slipped into a dream, while lost and out of tune, nothing's what it seems, nothing's what it means, but it seems I'm still working on these "works of a lifetime"...


09/16/2017 02:24

Can you add some more details about these projects? I am so interested!


This kind of picture only makes the mature man and showing all the things so beautifully. Some people only know the source of nature and you show everything that people need. The quality of this painting is so extraordinary and very unique.

10/20/2017 03:18

Sometimes, if a dream was not nice, we want to wake up so that we would not be able to experience harsh things. But on the other hand, if our dreams are as good as how we want reality happen to us, it feels like you don't want to wake up anymore. As if reality was too harsh and you don't want to go back. I just hope that everything will fall into place soon, I can feel that you're kind of problematic right now. I'll be praying for your situation.


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