" times are on the run" is the title of my 2011 calendar and from the song which is titled: "Jump into the Ocean" which is included in my CD: Existential Prone. Most of my songs are out of a very creative time in my life - inspired by relationships and a bohemian bunch called the "geary gathering" (not to mention the state of the world).


07/20/2017 22:15

I want to hear your song! It sounds interesting. I like songs which reflects the life or at least the experiences of the one who wrote it. It's like listening to a wonderful life story. Anyway, how can I get a copy? I hope for your kind response. Thanks!

10/10/2017 01:55

I think that most songs are inspired by relationships. And the best feeling in the world - love.

10/10/2017 23:30

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