Still mining the "works of a lifetime" and adding to them. In my late night wanderings around  San Francisco, especially on rainy nights,  I started to notice the glistening reflections of the lights on the wet streets, also the way lights became fireworks in my 2.3 pixel camera. Before I knew it I had a few hundred photos that showed San Francisco in ways the usual postcards had not. Some of these photos are on my  Cards and Prints section of this web site.
My back burners are also heated up once in a while regarding long time projects - from East to West (a biographical screenplay about my families escape from what was once East Germany; Solstice (a new age musical); Weg und Zeil (translations of my father's poetry); a fourth novel - Unbound Love; Sanding Together (a book of wood projects with children); Bittersweet (an autobiography)...time will tell...


04/12/2017 13:23

I will visit all these sections. Your website is full of content. I love that.


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